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Main Business

Market-oriented, focus on product innovation

Main business

Cold Chain Logistics


       Zhengming Company is one of the cold chain logistics companies. It has a storage system, a complete transportation network, cold storage construction, operation management technology and standardized operating procedures. It provides customers with design solutions such as logistics distribution route optimization and trunk transportation, urban Distribution, warehousing management, packaging sorting, information feedback and other logistics services, to achieve seamless point-to-point docking, visualization and traceability throughout the process. Has accumulated rich experience in cold chain logistics operations, to achieve flexible distribution, regional distribution, network distribution, flexible storage, standard storage, paperless computer accounts, 24-hour service.

Auto Parts Logistics

        Auto parts logistics is one of Zhengming's core businesses, with standardized operating procedures and mature management experience. Based on the operation modes of city transportation, JIT, VMI management, provincial trunk transportation, entrance logistics, warehouse design, warehousing and distribution, warehousing allocation, supply chain scheme design, etc., we will gradually expand the upstream and downstream business of the supply chain and supply procurement Perform value-added services such as logistics.
         Raw material admission management: supplier procurement, MRP, VMI, group sorting, etc .; warehousing management: export, warehousing, inventory control, inventory supervision, etc .; sorting, distribution and packaging management: sorting, box replacement, packaging, distribution , MIIKRUN management; information supervision: OTM, WMS, SAP, GPS information supervision; transportation and distribution: long-distance transportation, short barge, roller car, crossing distribution, etc.



Business Logistics


       Based on the warehouse distribution network, the company builds supply chain services and provides enterprises with tailor-made supply chain solutions from raw material procurement to final consumers.
        In the future, under the trend of "Internet +, artificial intelligence, and big data", business logistics will form a symbiotic and win-win industry new ecology by opening up all links in the supply chain.
        The company adheres to the core values of "integrity, efficiency, innovation and excellence", adhering to the concept of "transfer trust and win-win business" to create a better future with our customers.


E-commerce logistics


       The company focuses on providing integrated e-commerce logistics services including warehousing, sorting, packaging, transportation and distribution for e-commerce enterprises and traditional enterprises that will enter the e-commerce field. Serving the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Japan and other countries, as well as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing and other domestic cities.


Agricultural Product Logistics


       Based on the concept of "supply chain integration", establish the agricultural product logistics with "name, specialty and excellent" as the core. From the control of source quality, to the circulation and processing of agricultural products, the production and marketing docking platform, and the delivery of the last kilometer of the customer's table, the integrated operation of agricultural product logistics supply chain is realized.


Pharmaceutical Logistics


       The company is committed to providing logistics services for pharmaceutical companies, through temperature control system and information management system to achieve the product's temperature requirements, at the same time the company has established chemical dangerous goods storage bases in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and is committed to improving RDC construction and operation services Ability to provide special transportation services such as cold chain, bonded supervision, and personalized customization.


Chemical logistics


(1) Integrated business model
         Focus on large customers, supplemented by other fine chemical products as the cornerstone, to provide customers with a business model of integrated chemical product supply chain.
(2)Chemical agent
        Mainly provide customers with an integrated supply of polyurethane raw material varieties and solutions, operating products include MDI, polyether, modified MDI, foaming agent, a variety of small materials additives, etc .; the company and major domestic and foreign suppliers Established a good cooperative relationship, focusing on providing customers with good service quality and personalized needs.
(3)Dangerous goods transportation
        The company can deploy multiple container vehicles, a variety of models, with the qualification of dangerous goods road transportation business license, and has a chemical logistics operation team to ensure that customers ’goods reach their destinations in a safe, timely, quality and quantity.


International Trade


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Supply Chain Finance


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Logistics Insurance


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