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About Us

Market-oriented, focus on product innovation.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


◀Cheng Ming Hope Primary School
  In May 2008, Zheng Ming Logistics donated funds to establish Zheng Ming Hope Primary School in Fanchang County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. In the past eleven years, through the donations of Zheng Ming Logistics, the school has built new teaching buildings, teaching and research rooms, sports fields and other teaching facilities, and has continuously purchased modern teaching equipment.
1◀Zheng Ming Love Mutual Fund
  In July 2012, Zheng Ming Company established Zheng Ming Love Mutual Fund. The fund aims to help employees solve problems such as major diseases and accidents, give full play to the role of enterprise solidarity and mutual aid, help the poor and needy, enhance enterprise cohesion, promote a good corporate culture and establish a harmonious corporate environment, and provides that
July of each year is "Love and Mutual Aid Month" for Zheng Ming Company.

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