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Zheng Ming Institute

Zheng Ming Institute

  The Institute is an in-house research institute established by Shanghai Zhengming Modern Logistics Company Limited in 2012 and now has a number of domestic experts and scholars. As a virtual "think tank", the Institute focuses on national macroeconomics, industry development trends, internal strategies, organizational structure, scientific and technological innovation, cold chain logistics, warehouse management, operating standards, information technology, corporate culture and other aspects of research, and uses domestic and foreign resources to actively expand the enterprise horizons, so as to make forward-looking guidance and evaluation of business activities.
  In addition to this, the Institute also undertakes specialized seminars on logistics-related topics, and provides valuable and constructive opinions that can be used as a reference for decision making for the formulation of strategic goals, thereby further improving the core competitiveness of Zhengming Company, promoting the sustainable and scientific development of its business and achieving leapfrog development goals.
Director: Prof. Xuejian Chu
Vice-President: Professor Ling Guoping
Researchers: Ms. Wang Jiafen, Prof. Song Hua, Prof. Lin Guolong, Prof. Ning Zhong, Prof. Liu Wei, Prof. Yang Bin, Prof. Xie Jing, Prof. Cao Hongfen, Prof. Gao Junjun, Prof. Sun Hao, Prof. Ling Dingcheng, Dr. Zhang Tao, Mr. Yang Dongming, Mr. Zheng Guanshu (in no particular order)
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Xuejian Chu Director


Ling Guoping Deputy Director


Researcher Jia-Fen Wang


Research Fellow, Song Hua


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Researcher, Guolong Lin


Ning Zhong Researcher


Researcher Wei Liu


Bin Yang Researcher


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Researcher Jing Xie


Cao Hongfen Research Fellow


Junjun Gao Researcher


Researcher Sun Hao


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Research Fellow, Dingcheng Ling


Tao Zhang Research Fellow


Research Fellow, Dongming Yang


Research Fellow, Guanshu Zhen



Institute Seminars

  The Institute holds regular seminars every year on major issues in the various stages of development of Shanghai Zhengming Modern Logistics Co. Experts spoke freely, expressed their views, provided revised and improved suggestions on the company's development strategy, evaluated the business model, conducted thematic research on major issues in development, in-depth discussion, and proposed solutions for the company's leadership decision-making.



Zheng Ming Lecture Hall


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Lecture 1 Lecture2
Prof. Lin Guolong
"Sense Logistics, Innovative Services - Focusing on Zhengming's Supply Chain Development Measures"
Professor Zhu Ming
"Leadership Executive Cohesion"
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Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
Prof. Ning Zhong, Prof. Chen Xiangfeng, Mr. Liao Jinxin, Mr. Zhan Guang
"Two-Wheel Drive - Breaking the Growth Bottleneck"
Prof. Feng Jiqing
"A Taste of Music and a Life of Accompaniment"
Professor Xie Jing
"Food Safety and Food Preservation Technology"
1 1 1
Session 6 Session 6 Session 6
Professor Ling Guoping
"Macroeconomic Analysis - A Study Interpretation of the Economic Problems of the Nineteenth Report"
Mr. Zhang Guoxin
"The Fifth Form Students Have - My Creative Practice"
Professor Ge Jianxiong
"The Silk Road and the Belt and Road: Continuation or Innovation"
1 1 1
Session 7 Session 8 Session 8
Professor Liu Wei
"Change and development trend brought about by containerization - the development opportunities of Zhengming's national strategy of logistics services"
Professor Song Hua
"Supply Chain Financial Innovation in the Internet Environment"
Professor Yu Zhengliang
"China-US Relations and International Hot Issues"



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