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Zheng Ming College

Zheng Ming College

  On February 24, 2012, Shanghai Zhengming Modern Logistics Company Limited announced the establishment of Zhengming College. Zheng Ming College is an externally oriented corporate university. The school's motto is "Learning to apply? The school's motto is "to reinvent oneself," and the goal is "to promote cohesion for leapfrogging development, to enhance the leadership of middle and senior cadres, and to cultivate the executive power of department managers". At the same time, we set up "Modern Logistics Research Institute", "Training Center" and "Practical Training Base" to establish "Zhengming Modern Logistics" human resource development system from three levels, namely, industry development strategy, enterprise management innovation and staff career development.
  The establishment of Zhengming Institute represents the integrated talent development and innovation system of industry, academia and research, reflects the trend of modern development of China's logistics industry, is a new initiative to create and meet the needs of corporate customers, is a new subject in the field of management research in the logistics industry, and is also a clear reflection of Zhengming's modern logistics social responsibility. The establishment of Zhengming College also marks an important milestone in the leapfrog development of modern logistics in Zhengming.
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Zheng Ming Elite Seminar Intermediate Economist Intermediate Economist

Total Phase I (2018)


Total Phase II (2018


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Medium Storage Training New staff induction training Zheng Ming Business English Training
Total Phase VII (2018) Second Quarter Staff Training (2018)
Total Phase I (2018)



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