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Temperature Controlled Supply Chain Service System

Temperature Controlled Supply Chain Service System



  Zhengming Logistics has been adhering to the "leading professional supply chain solution provider" company vision, put forward the "1 sky net + 4 ground net" strategic layout: information platform for the sky net, warehousing center network, trunk transportation network, regional distribution network, terminal distribution network for the ground network, dedicated to cold chain logistics to temperature control supply chain model transformation and upgrading; temperature control industrial park as a carrier, dedicated to create a set of source procurement, circulation processing, inspection and testing, display transactions, temperature-controlled warehousing, truckless transportation, terminal sales, supply chain finance and other functions in one comprehensive service platform for temperature-controlled supply chain.


Registered add : Room 808, 1023 Qinghu Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Headquarters add: 19F-20F, No. 3, Alley 433, Changshou Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


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